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Hmong people > kony

Honestly, I’m all down for finding Kony and saving these kids but after reading a few things here and there and realizing that only 31% of those charity funds are going towards this act and the rest of it goes towards that guy who made the video, that shit isn’t right. Kony could be dead already and if he’s already dead, you guys have our troops out there wasting their time! They could be helping other people. If you guys wanna get something out there and known, get the HMONG PEOPLE out there and known, help them.  

People don’t even know who we are and we’re the reason why The United States made it out alive anyway. Don’t forget who General Vang Pao is. I feel like this is an insult to him. This is kind of insulting to me in a way because my people have been fighting for centuries to survive. We personally put our people out on the battle field to fight along side of the American soldiers and the Americans half-assed their side of the promise. So here we have the remaining people still there, fighting every day to save their own lives, their families, their children, from being slaughtered, raped, and put through this torture because we helped the Americans but here you guys are, here we all are trying to help find and funding this charity that doesn’t know if the person their looking for is dead or alive, where the funds are rightfully going and how long our troops will be deployed out there.  

I’m all for helping, don’t get me wrong, I supported “finding Kony” but you know what, I put my people before anyone because I know Hmong people have been trying to save their own since God, only knows. So from here on out, I’m done with the Kony act, you may say “karma is gona get you” or “you’re ignorant for saying this” but you don’t understand that my people have been killed like they were animals. So please, if you feel like I’m ignorant for saying what I’ve said or have an argument to put up with me, INBOX IT. Right or Wrong, I stand by what I say and its funny how the most Americanized Hmong people are against me saying this. One friend said its not like we’re not trying to help the Hmong people, just not trying hard enough. So then try hard enough. Reblog the video of the genocides. Reblog the videos of the little boys and girls dying so that people know what’s happening to our people. Greed and discrimination is definitely not what I’m trying to go towards.

Saving my people and honoring a name that brought me here, that’s what my rant is about. I did my share for kony. And if you think I’m ignorant for wanting to save my own, then screw you.

There are rumors about Kony being a scam and what not, the Hmong, I know that shit is real. I know those people are running for their lives. I know that they’re being slaughtered and killed. There is no ”is it real?”. Everything is laid out for your very eyes to see.

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